Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute

About Us: The Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute (OEWRI) is in the College of Natural and Applied Sciences at Missouri State University. The institute supports efforts to protect and restore water quality and supply in the Ozarks Region of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. It provides a hub for science-based monitoring and assessment of water and sediment quality trends, watershed function and disturbance, and land use/land cover change in the Ozarks. In addition, it implements research projects aimed at solving environmental problems by working in partnership and cooperation with university researchers, environmental groups, and governmental agencies. 


   Apr     Ellie Bradley, Nick Bradley, 
    23     Holly Duff, Kayla Geier, Megan 
             Hente, Matt Thies, and Josh 
             Voss presented posters and 
             Ralph Hill and David Huggins 
             presented powerpoints at the
             Interdisciplinary Forum. Ellie  
             and Megan were among the 
             winners for their posters, and 
             David got an honorable mention 
             for his oral presentation.

   Apr     Kelly Rose, Joe Nash, and  
    21     Emma Gibson presented 
             posters at the CNAS 
             Undergraduate Research Day.
             Kelly won first place in the
             poster competition. Click
             Here to see abstracts.

   Apr     Dr. Pavlowsky, Ralph Hill, and
     1      David Huggins attended the
             Association of American
             Geographers annual meeting in
             San Francisco. AAG Website

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