Historical and Present-Day Channel Stability of Finley Creek

Project investigators

  • Dr. Robert T. Pavlowsky
  • Derek Martin

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Project scope

This project involves a watershed-scale study of stream bed and bank stability in the Finley Creek. Recent meetings with stakeholders and managers during the development of the management plan for the watershed have identified channel instability and sedimentation as one of the primary problems affecting their watershed. This project will examine channel morphology, riparian vegetation, bank erosion, and gravel bar distribution using historical aerial photography, GIS/remote sensing, field assessments, and subsurface floodplain mapping.

Project goals

  1. Quantify historical channel changes using a series of aerial photographs dating back to the 1950s,
  2. Identify areas of erosion and deposition and classify the channel planform at the reach-scale, and
  3. Relate channel planform characteristics to field based assessments of channel stability and riparian vegetation influence.

Project funding

Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute Start-Up Workplan Year-2: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Project documents

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