Field Equipment

Hand-held Water Quality Samplers

Swing Samplers (6 ft)

Small (500 mL) Depth Integrated Sampler

Large (1 L) Depth Integrated Sampler

Horizontal Water Column Sampler

Standard Operating Procedures:

Water Sampling

Chain of Custody

Additional Information: USGS Office of Water Quality Sample Collection

Erin Depth sample

Nalgene ® 1100 Storm Water Sampler and 1160 Mounting Kit

The Nalgene® 1100 Storm Water Sampler is a first flush-style storm water collection device designed to capture the rising limb during a storm event. The 1160 mounting kit allows the sampler to be installed under a variety of conditions, protects the sampler from damage, and allows for adjustment of the intake height.

Standard Operating Procedures: Water SamplingNalgene 1100 Sampler

Additional Information: EPA NPDES- MS4 ProgramMO NPDES- MS4 Program


Teledyne ISCO 6717 Portable Sampler and Water Quality Monitoring Station

The Teledyne ISCO 6717 Portable Sampler is a battery powered automated water sampling device that can collect both discrete and composite samples for a variety of water quality monitoring projects. The monitoring station includes; sampler, level logger and rain gage contained within a protective housing.

Standard Operating Procedures: Water Sampling, Portable Sampler

Additional Information:

Auto Sampler Picture

Global Water FP201 Global Flow Probe

The FP201 Global Flow Probe is a propeller-style digital water velocity meter used to measure flow rate in a variety of applications.

Standard Operating Procedure: Global Flow Probe

Additional Information:

Marc Flow Tracker

SonTek/YSI FlowTracker Handheld Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV)

The FlowTracker Handheld ADV accurately and precisely measures water velocity and computes discharge automatically using USGS/ISO methods and acoustic Doppler technology.

Standard Operating Procedure: Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter

Additional Information: Method for Measuring Discharge with Acoustic Doppler

Flow Tracker

Giddings #15-SC/Model GSRPS Truck-Mounted Coring/Drilling Machine

Hydraulic soil sampling, coring and drilling machine with:

Core tubes (4 ft. x 1¼”, 2”, and 3” diameter)

Single Section Flight Augers (4 ft. x 15/8” dia.)

Universal Bucket Augers (3 ft. x 2” and 4” dia.)

Kelly Bars (32 ft total length)

Standard Operating Procedure: Overbank Sediment

Additional Information:

Giddings Rig

Hand-Held Soil/Sediment Coring and Sampling Equipment

Rivers and Floodplains

  • Hand Auge
  • Soil Probes
  • Trowels
  • Slotted-Shovels
  • Buckets

Lakes and Reservoirs

  • Spring-loaded trap sampler
  • Bottom Sediment Corer

Standard Operating Procedures:

  • In-Channel Sediment
  • Overbank Sediment
  • Spring-loaded trap sampler
  • Bottom Sediment Corer

Oakfield Core

Oxford X-MET3000TXS+ X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Elemental Analyzer

The X-MET3000TXS+ handheld XRF analyzer is specifically designed to measure lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn) concentrations in contaminated soil/sediment using an open-beam X-ray tube based analytical X-ray device. This device may be used in the field and for bench-top applications in the laboratory.

Standard Operating Procedure: XRF

Additional Information: 540/R-06/008: XRF Technologies for Measuring Soil and Sediment (Oxford X-Met XRF)

XRF in the field


Allows access to area streams, rivers, and lakes

1- 17 foot canoe

1- 18.5 foot lake Jon w/ 25 hp outboard

Canoe in the water

YSI Professional Plus Handheld Multiparameter Meter

The YSI Professional Plus (YPP) multiparameter meter is used to collect water temperature, specific conductance, pH, dissolved oxygen, and chloride in streams and impoundments. The purpose of this document is to provide a protocol for collecting field-based water chemistry parameters, laboratory calibration procedures, instrument troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Standard Operating Procedure: YSI Meter


Solinst Levelogger Gold and Barologger Gold

The Levelogger Gold is an absolute (non-vented) datalogger, which measures groundwater and surface water levels and temperature. Water levels are displayed as temperature compensated pressure readings, and can be barometrically compensated with the aid of a Barologger Gold.

Standard Operating Procedure: Solinst