Fluvial Geomorphology Projects

Current projects

Big Barren Creek Watershed Monitoring Study

The U.S. Forest Service has been working on a project known as the Missouri Pine Oak Woodland Restoration project. The project is a landscape-scale restoration project that includes the use of prescribed burning as a tool for vegetation recovery.

Completed projects

Historical and Present-Day Channel Stability of the Finley Creek

This project involves a watershed-scale study of stream bed and bank stability in the Finley Creek. Recent meetings with stakeholders and managers during the development of the management plan for the watershed have identified channel instability and sedimentation as one of the primary problems affecting their watershed.

Big River Mine Sediment Assessment Project

The Old Lead Belt is a historic lead and zinc mining district within the Southeast Missouri Lead Mining District which was a leading producer of lead worldwide from 1869 to 1972. This project attempts to improve understanding of the physical mobility of mining sediment and metal contaminants in rivers draining the mining areas of the Old Lead Belt.

Ward Branch Restoration, Enhancement and Stabilization

The Ward Branch watershed (11 square miles), a tributary of the James River, has experienced rapid urban development over the past 20 years. As a result, stream channel erosion threatens homes, utilities, bridges and poses an unsightly and costly maintenance problem. Sediment eroded from stream channels contributes to pollution problems in the James River and Table Rock Lake located downstream.

Mercury Contamination of Floodplain Sediments From Historic Gold Mining in North Carolina

The first gold rush in the U.S. began in the Piedmont of North Carolina in the early 1800s. Mining operations used mercury to recover fine gold particles, which has led to the release of unprecedented amounts of mercury to the environment. Nevertheless, relatively little is known about the environmental impacts, long-term dispersal, and ultimate fate of this contaminant.