Geomorphology River Assessment Program

The Geomorphology River Assessment Program (Geo-RAP) is designed to investigate the existing geomorphic conditions of proposed stream restoration sites. Results of a Geo-RAP provide the following information which is vital to stream restoration design: (1) topographic survey information to support a restored channel design; (2) sediment transport information to understand the composition, supply, and transport of bed materials within the existing channel and; (3) bank stability analysis.

This information is determined through a variety of geomorphic field investigation techniques including: (1) a topographic survey of channel form which includes the evaluation of an upstream reference reach through channel planform and slope, bedform profile, and cross-section survey; (2) pebble counts and related gradational distributions for multiple channel locations; (3) core samples and sieve analysis of active bar tails and; (4) sub-reach scale bank stability classification based on observations of vegetation cover, bank angle, stratigraphy, and lithology of bank deposits or materials.

Geo-RAP projects

  1. March 2006 - South Dry Sac, Springfield MO
  2. May 2007 - Golf Club of Kansas, Lenexa KS
  3. May 2008 - Ravenwood Creek, Springfield MO
  4. January 2009 - City Center Athletic Club, Lenexa KS
  5. April 2009 - Galloway Branch, Springfield MO
  6. October 2009 - Lackman Tributary, Lenexa KS
  7. August 2010 - Upper Ward Branch, Springfield MO
  8. November 2013 - Indian Creek, Olathe KS
  9. August 2014 - South Creek, Springfield MO

Survey equipment being used in the field resized gr borrom right