Geospatial Sciences Laboratory

The Geospatial Sciences Laboratory provides both investigative and analytical assistance to water and sediment quality related projects within the institute. The laboratory houses both field and desktop geospatial analysis equipment. Desktop instrumentation includes seven computer workstations running geospatial software including ArcGIS Desktop 9.2 suite with multiple ArcGIS Desktop extensions including Spatial Analyst, 3D Analyst, Survey Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, Feature Analyst, and others. Workstations are also equipped with the latest version of the image processing software ENVI, as well as all of the software necessary to communicate with and integrate numerous pieces of geospatial field equipment. Field instrumentation includes three auto level with tripods and stadia rods; two Topcon electronic Total Stations; two Trimble GeoXH mapping grade GPS receivers; two Trimble Zephyr antennas; and three Garmin GPS Map 76 GPS units. In addition, OEWRI partially supports a continuous-logging GPS base station and offers on-line access to correction data. With this combination of field and desktop tools OEWRI can provide a range of cartographic products and geospatial analyses including (i) thematic map production; (ii) database development with on-line access; (iii) watershed assessments of geology, soils, stream networks, riparian lands, land use, and point and nonpoint pollution sources; (iv) topographic stream channel and floodplain surveying and mapping, (v) image interpretation and classification using aerial photography and satellite imagery, and (vi) GPS surveying and ground point control.