Water Quality Monitoring

The Institute is a leader in stream sampling, trend analysis, and water quality data interpretation in southwest Missouri. Through collaboration, contracts, and grants, OEWRI provides expert advice and technical support to watershed groups, local communities, and private businesses to help plan and implement baseline and regulatory water quality monitoring programs. It is equipped to cover a wide range of monitoring services such as 319 watershed projects, TMDL monitoring programs, and catchment runoff studies. In addition, the institute supports an on-line accessible data base for publications and water quality data for the region. Data generated by monitoring efforts are used to develop rating curves to evaluate load-based pollution trends, evaluate the influence of land use on water quality, and support compliance monitoring requirements by state and federal agencies. OEWRI is equipped with three autosamplers, two propeller-type velocity meters, two acoustic velocity meters, four depth-integrated field samplers, and other field sampling supplies.

Gitonga at Autosampler

Erin Depth sample