(2008) SW MO - Water Quality Data Gap Analyses


OEWRI, along with the University of Missouri - Columbia, served as subcontractors under MEC Water Resources, Inc. and ERC to provide specialized expertise in various components of a Data Gap Analysis.

OEWRI was responsible for Phase II of the three-phase approach, which included the development of a comprehensive water quality, hydrologic, and biologic geospatial database for the region. 

The database framework was developed based upon Project Advisory Committee and University needs, and is intended to serve technical researchers, regulatory agencies, and the general public.


  1. Compile existing water quality, hydrologic, biologic and population datasets,
  2. Develop geospatial database and website, and
  3. Develop long-term data quality objectives and monitoring plans



James River Basin

Elk River Basin

Sac River Basin

Spring River Basin