Master's Theses

Review our graduate student Master's theses.


  • Step-Pool Channel Morphology, Forcing Effects, and Geomorphic Classification in the Ozark Highlands, SE Missouri
    Triston R. Rice, 2019
  • Geomorphic Response to Catastrophic Flooding in a Karst Mountain Stream System, Brighton-Blue Hole Watershed, Southwest Jamaica
    Sarah M. LeTarte, 2019
  • Geomorphic Effects of Engineered Log Structures and Response to a Catastrophic Flood Event in a Missouri Ozarks River
    Joseph S. Nash, 2019
  • Historical Land Use Influence on Fine-Grained Sedimentation in Channel and Floodplain Deposits in a Forested Missouri Ozark Watershed
    Katy N. Reminga, 2019         
  • Historical Floodplain Sedimentation Rates Using Mining Contaminant Profiles, Cesium-137, and Sediment Source Indicators along the Lower big River, Jefferson County, Missouri
    Miranda M. Jordan, 2019                    
  • Geomorphic and Land Use Controls on Headwater Channel Morphology in Mark Twain National Forest 
    Grace F. Roman, 2019
  • Stream Channel Morphology and Riparian Forest Response to a 500-year Flood in the Missouri Ozarks
    Joshua W. Hess, 2019


  • Spatial and Temporal Trends of Mining-Related Lead-Zinc Sediment Contamination, Galena River Watershed, SW Wisconsin-NW Illinois
    Dylan A. King, 2018
  • Nutrient Transport and Storage in a Karst Spring Reservoir System during Baseflow, Missouri Ozarks
    Heather A. Moule, 2018


  • Geomorphic Effects of Logging Railbeds on an Ozarks Headwater Stream, Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri
    Nickolas S. Bradley, 2017
  • Geomorphic Disturbance and Anthropogenic Modifications in Big Barren Creek, Mark Twain National Forest, Southeast Missouri
    Rachael A. Bradley, 2017
  • Urban Detention Basin Contamination with Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and Metals
    Holly M. Duff, 2017
  • Beach Form, Change, and Mangrove Interactions Along Galleon Fish Sanctuary, South Coast Jamaica
    Kayla M. Geier, 2017
  • Influence of Prescribed Burning on Upland Soil Properties in Mark Twain National Forest, Southeast Missouri Ozarks
    Megan L. Hente, 2017
  • Channel Bar Morphology, Distribution, And Mining-Related Geochemistry In The Big River, St. Francois County, Missouri: Implications For Geomorphic Recovery
    Linday M. Olson, 2017
  • Geomorphic Characteristics and Sediment Transport in Natural and Channelized Reaches of Big Barren Creek, Southeast Missouri
    Matthew S. Thies, 2017
  • Deposition Patterns and Rates of Mining-Contaminated Sediment within a Sedimentation Basin System, S.E. Missouri
    Joshua C. Voss, 2017
  • Using Survey Data and HEC-RAS Modeling to Assess a Riffle-Remediation Structure on the Big River, Bonne Terre, Missouri
    Nichole R. Weedman, 2017


  • Spatial Distribution and Geomorphic Factors of Lead Contamination on Floodplains Affected by Historical Mining, Big River, S.E. Missouri
    David B. Huggins, 2016
  • Channel Sediment and Mining-Lead Storage in Flat River Creek, Old Lead Belt, Missouri
    Ralph J. Hill, 2016


  • Sustainable Tourism in a Marine Protected Area in Southwest Jamaica
    Emily Clegg, 2015
  • Stream Bank Erosion Trends and Sediment Contributions in a Southwestern Missouri River
    Ezekiel Kuehn, 2015
  • Sediment-Phosphorous Response to Reduced Point Source Loading in the James River Watershed, Southwest Missouri
    Adam Dale Mulling, 2015
  • Recent Shoreline Erosion Rates Along Black River Bay, Jamaica: Erosion and Recovery After Hurricane Ivan in 2004
    Karen Louise Zelzer, 2015


  • Water Quality Snapshot Survey in the James River Watershed, Missouri
    Loring Bullard, 2014
  • Climate Change Influence on Historical Flood Variability in Ozark Highland Rivers
    Andrew Forman, 2014
  • Barriers to Low Impact Development in the City Code of Springfield, Missouri
    Carrie Lamb, 2014
  • Geomorphology and Metal Contamination of an Urban Floodplain along Wilson Creek, Springfield, Missouri
    Aubree Vaughan, 2014


  • Gravel Sediment Sources and Bar Distribution within the Main Stem of Upper Bull Creek Southwest Missouri
    Kyle K. Kosovich, 2013
  • Physical Habitat Mapping and Assessment in Bluesfield Bay Fish Sanctuary, Westmorelant, Jamaica
    Jennifer D. Carroll, 2013


  • Channel Morphology, Substrate Variability, and Bedrock Influence in the James River, Southwest Missouri Ozarks
    Andrew R. DeWitt, 2012
  • Effects of Artificial Reef Implimentation on Fish Populations in a Marine Protected Area: Bluefields Bay, Jamaica
    Joshua H. Rudolph, 2012
  • Stream Discharge-Drainage Area Relationships in Missouri
    Megan C. Harrington, 2012


  • Historical Channel Change and Mining-Contaminated Sediment Remobilization in the Lower Big River, Eastern Missouri
    Benjamin M. Young, 2011


  • Mass Transport of Suspended Sediment, Dissolved Solids, Nutrients, and Anions in the James River, Southwest Missouri
    Erin C. Hutchison, 2010
  • Integrated Watershed Management in Bluefields Bay, Jamaica
    Jackie E. Ebert, 2010
  • Catastrophic Valley Entrenchment and Debris Fan Formation in the Bluefields River, Westmoreland Jamaica
    William Patrick Dryer, 2010


  • Historical Mining Contamination and Floodplain Evolution along Lower Pearson Creek, SW Missouri
    Patrick J. Womble, 2009


  • Nutrient Concentrations at Baseflow Conditions in the Upper White River Basin, Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas
    Gopala G. Borchelt, 2007


  • Nutrient Loads in an Urban Ozark Watershed : Jordan, Fassnight and Upper Wilson Creeks, Springfield, Missouri
    Ronald B, Miller, 2006
  • Soil Phosphorus Levels in Residential Lawns and Comparisons Among Four Land Uses in Springfield, MIssouri
    Timothy R. Davis, 2006



  • Consequences of Reservoir Drainage on Drownstream Water Chemistry, Suspended Sediment, and Nutients, Southwest Missouri
    Mark W. Bowen, 2004


  • Temporal Analysis of Floodplain Deposition Using Urban Pollution Stratigraphy, Wilson Creek, SW Missouri
    Kathy A. Shade, 2003
  • Channel Geomorphology and Restoration Guidelines for Springfield Plateau Streams, South Dry Sac Watershed, Southwest Missouri
    John M. Horton, 2003
  • Phosphorous Contamination and Storage in Bottom Sediments of the James River Arm of Table Rock Lake
    Marc R. Owen, 2003
  • History of Sedimentation and Contamination in Valley Mill Reservoir, Springfield, Missouri
    Susan S. Licher, 2003


  • Spatial Patterns and Floodplain Contributions of Mining-Related Contaminants in Chat Creek Watershed, Southwest Missouri
    Jimmy C. Trimble, 2001
  • Spatial Distribution of Phosphorus in Fluvial Sediments from the James River Basin, Southwest Missouri
    Brian S. Fredrick, 2001
  • Spatial Assessment of Nonpoint Phosphorus Sources Using Streambed Sediment Monitoring in the Kings River Basin, NW Arkansas
    Jason W. White, 2001


  • Zinc Mining Contamination and Sedimentation Rates of Historical Overbank Deposits, Honey Creek Watershed, Southwest Missouri
    Jason L. Carlson, 1999