Sustainability and Pollution Prevention

The Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute (OEWRI) at Missouri State University provides sustainability technical assistance to businesses and organizations in the region while providing experiential opportunities for university students. The program offers free onsite pollution prevention technical assistance to Missouri manufacturing companies, sustainability program analysis and development, and sustainability training programs. Our services are designed to enable organizations to reduce operational costs, environmental impacts, and improve sustainability performance. Our team is composed of experienced sustainability experts, graduate assistants provided by local universities, as well as collegiate interns from across the state.

Primary Services

  • Pollution Prevention Site Assessments to Identify Opportunities to Reduce Waste, Conserve Energy, and Save Money
  • Missouri Manufacturers Sustainability Certification Program
  • Sustainability Program Gap Analysis
  • Development of Sustainability Key Performance Indicators and Strategic Plan
  • Sustainability Best Practices Network
  • Sustainability Training Services
  • Internship Opportunities

Case Studies

Pollution Prevention Site Assessments

Our Pollution Prevention Site Assessments is a service that qualifying manufacturers in the state of Missouri can receive for free. This process is designed to review the manufacturing operations to identify inefficiencies and opportunities that help the company reduce waste, conserve energy, and save money. During the assessment, the team can perform ultrasonic leak detection of compressed air and gases to identify losses and associated energy. The team can also perform infrared scans of building envelope, and industrial heating/cooling and insulation. The following are the steps in which this service is conducted:

  1. An initial meeting is conducted between your organization and our team to discuss the desired service and qualification eligibility.
  2. If eligible, an in-person visit is scheduled with our team at your facility.
    1. Prior to the site visit, the MSU team will send out a pre-site questionnaire to collect preliminary data including 12 months of utility data.
  3.  The site visit is performed by qualified professionals and university students.
  4. Approximately 2-4 weeks later, our team provides a detailed report of our findings and recommendations to be considered by your organization.
  5. The MSU team will follow-up with each company to discuss further assistance and needs as desired.

Reducing waste at the source will ave your company money while reducing environmental impacts and improving your overall sustainability performance. 

Missouri Manufacturers Sustainability Certification Program

Join the Missouri Manufacturers Sustainability Certification Program (MMSCP), sponsered by the Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM) and the Ozarks Environmental and Resources Institute (OEWRI) at Missouri State University. The program aims to assist Missouri manufacturers in enhancing their sustainability initiatives and gaining recognition for their efforts. Manages jointly by OEWRI and MAM, companies can participate by completing an industry-specific checklist on the programs's website. Those meeting the criteria will undergo an onsite assessment by OEWRI to validate their performance and receive improvement suggestions. OEWRI will continue collaborating with companies to support their sustainability program development. Eligible industries currently include Metal Fabrication and Machining, Aerospace, Automotive, and Food and Beverage, and Breweries, with places in incorporate more sectors in the future. 

There are two levels under the program:

  1. Certified ($500/yr) - those companies that completed the checklists and scored high enough for certification and verified by OEWRI.
  2. Apprentice ($250/yr) - those companies that completed the checklist but have not yet scored high enough for certification and continue to work on their program. 

Certified companies will be recognized on the website and at the annual MAM EHS conference. They will also be recognized in an annual report that summarizes the amount of water, water, energy, and operational costs achioved by participants. The summary will be published on the program website, MAM website, and OEWRI website.

Missouri Manufacturers Sustainability Certification Program [jpg]

Missouri Manufacturing Sustainability Certification Program

Sustainability Gap Analysis

This program allows organizations to identify areas where they may need to improve their environmental, social, and economic sustainability programs while also identifying successful sustainability efforts that be immediately communicated to internal and external stakeholders.

Sustainability Key Performance Indicators and Strategic Plan

As the saying goes “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”, this program works with your team to establish key performance metrics to track the continual improvement of your sustainability program. The goal is to establish metrics that drive ongoing improvements while reducing operational costs.

Once these metrics are established, the team will assist in the development of achievable goals/targets. A strategic plan will be developed to ensure the goals are reached and a strong continuous improvement structure is in place to ensure ongoing performance. These plans can be incorporated into existing Environmental Management Systems like ISO 14001 if the company is already certified or planning to pursue certification in the future.

Sustainability Best Practices Network

The partnership of OERWI and the Missouri Association of Manufacturers (MAM) is proud to offer quarterly lunch and learns based on real-world sustainability best practices at Missouri manufacturing companies. The purpose of the network is for manufacturing companies to learn from peer organizations about successful best practices. At each of these events, a best practice at a Missouri company will be presented. The presentations will be virtual, or via an onsite tour of a company. These lunch and learns occur across the state and we encourage your organization to reach out to participate in our future events!

  • Exclusive Membership: Participating companies gain automativ entry into the Sustainability Best Practices Network (SBPN), an exclusive community managed by OEWRI, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among like-minded businesses committed to sustainability. 
  • Bi-Monthly/Quarterly Virtual Meetings: SBPN offers a dynamic platform with regular bi-monthly or quarterly virtual meetings. These sessions serve as a formum for participating companies to engage in insightful discussions, share success stories, and directly learn sustainability best practices from their industry peers.
  • Interactive Learning: SBPN goes beyond traditional learning methods. Companies have the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions where they can pose questions, seek advice, and actively contribute to the collective knowledge pool, creating a collaborative space for continuous improvement.

The SBPN not only facilitates virtual interactions but also lays the groundwork for future on-site engagements. With the backing of MAM, participating companies can explore the possibility of organized site visits and luncheons, providing valuable networking opportunities and strengthening the bonds within the sustainability community. 

Missouri Manufacturers Sustainability Certification Program - Sustainability Best Practices Network [jpg]

Sustainability Best Practices Network [jpg]

Sustainability Best Practices Network

Sustainability Training Services

Our program also provides periodic workshops through the Missouri Association of Manufacturers and other partners. We can also develop customized training for your employees at your organization.

Internship Opportunities

Our program is proud to be able to offer internship opportunities to provide experiential learning opportunities for university students and provide needed resources to regional businesses and organizations. Students can intern directly with our program to work on various projects, or they can intern at a company or organization over the summer or semester to implement pollution prevention or sustainability projects.

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