(2009) Jamaica - Graduate Field Course

GEO 670- Advanced Field and Laboratory Methods: Geomorphology of Jamaican Rivers

In June 2009, seven students traveled to Bluefields Bay, Jamaica under the supervision of Dr. Robert Pavlowsky, Director of OEWRI and the Coordinator of the Geospatial Sciences Master's Program.

During the 10 day stay in Bluefields Bay, the students conducted a geomorphic assessment and total station survey of the Bluefields River, which drains into Bluefields Bay. Students worked with Mr. Wolde Kristos and his eco-tourism company, Reliable Adventures Jamaica (RAJ). Local volunteers from the Bluefields People's Community Association (BPCA) also accompanied and assisted students during the survey. 

During the visit to Bluefields, three separate rounds of water quality sampling were conducted throughout the Bluefields Bay watershed. The water samples were analyzed for Total Coliforms and E. coli, as well as phosphorus levels and water chemistry parameters.