Bluefields Bay, Jamaica - Environmental and Cultural Collaboration



The purpose of this project is to support collaborative research among Geography, Anthropology, and the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute (OEWRI) at Missouri State University (MSU) with the Bluefields People’s Community Association (BPCA). OEWRI’s mission is to support and implement water and sediment quality research projects using field monitoring, laboratory instrumentation, and geospatial technologies and to provide training and education for undergraduate and graduate students. The headquarters for the BPCA is in the coastal community of Belmont in Bluefields, Westmoreland, Southwest Jamaica.

The BPCA ‘s mission is “to provide a range of community development services toward advancement of the social, economic, and cultural upliftment of Bluefields and its environs, in harmony with the natural environment”. This opportunity to work side-by-side with the BPCA will support the public affairs mission of MSU, provide important opportunities for faculty and students, and create benefits for local communities.