Finley Creek - Water Quality Assessment


The purpose of this study is to collect baseline water quality information to evaluate the trends of total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP) and bacteria (E.coli) during baseflow conditions in the middle and lower Finley Creek. This segment of the creek drains the growing cities of Nixa and Ozark and flows through three impoundments: Lake Lindenlure, Ozark Mill Pond, and Riverdale Dam. In addition, water chemistry at the time of sampling is also reported along with the results of preliminary investigations of optical brightener concentrations and sediment geochemistry (metals and P).


  1. Monitor water quality at stations located at sites of water quality concerns and at strategic points where land use or stream conditions change downstream,

  2. Use standard, scientific methods to collect and analyze water and sediment samples,

  3. Interpret water quality trends in terms of water quality risk and probable sources of pollutants, and

  4. Suggest a plan for future water quality monitoring for the Finley Creek Watershed to target questions raised by this project and other concerns in general