Fort Leonard Wood Soil and Erosion Control Project



OEWRI is to provide a study of site-specific recommendations for sediment and erosion control measures, storm water improvements, and best management practices (BMPs) at Training Areas (TAs), ranges, and other identified sites at Fort Leonard Wood. The study area encompasses small arms ranges and areas that have extensive sediment and erosion control issues.


  1.  Report results of field work including existing conditions, photographs, data collected of any problem areas, and sampling results;
  2. Determine the expected runoff and sediment from each site, rank the importance of each site as a source of runoff, sediment, and lead to downstream areas, and test, prioritize, and optimize BMP types and configurations using STEP-L modeling;
  3. Identify the erosion control needs, treatment objectives, and measurement estimates (including seed, soil amendments, and design features) at each site;
  4. Provide a rough order magnitude cost estimate for the recommended treatment for each site investigated;
  5. Conduct a storm water assessment of each area and identify proposed site-specific sediment and erosion control BMPs for implementation;
  6.  Conduct field surveys including:
    1. On-site inspections, LiDAR data and available aerial photographs, and reviews of previous studies to inventory and assess land use effects, storm water drainage channels, soil erosion conditions, and sediment problems for storm-water BMP planning;
    2. Soil type and slope/topographic condition assessments using USDA-NRCS soil data sets, County Soil Survey reports, and LiDAR data;
    3.  XRF analysis within sites and downstream samples where contamination is suspected (collecting samples at identified problem locations and analyzing further in the lab);
    4. Soil property and fertility assessments where vegetation requirement and soil composition information is needed
  7.  Create GIS deliverables 


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