Mark Twain National Forest - Soil Disturbance Monitoring



The U.S. Forest Service has contracted OEWRI to implement the Forest Soil Disturbance Monitoring Protocol (FSDMP) Rapid Assessment in the Mark Twain National Forest, MO. The FSDMP is meant to produce an assessment of pre-treatment and post-treatment soil disturbances that provides a consistent and repeatable method, as well as a "common language" to describe surficial soil disturbances. Examples of soil disturbance include soil compaction, rutting, topsoil erosion, and mixing of topsoil with subsoil. 


  1. Detect changes between pre-treatment and post-treatment soil conditions.
  2. Determine impacts of treatments and determine disturbance trends.
  3. Determine whether soil mitigation measures were implemented and if they were successful.
  4. Monitor changes in soil disturbance classes.



U.S. Forest Service