(2006) UWRB - Water Quality Assessment


The Upper White River Basin Foundation (UWRBF) received a grant from the USEPA to address water quality concerns in the upper White River. Efforts to create a water quality management plan for the basin required that geospatial databases and water quality data were comparable for Arkansas and Missouri. Existing water quality data and additional baseline monitoring data would then need to be evaluated for use in the development and implementation of the watershed management plan.


  1. Develop a geospatial database to support basin management plans,

  2. Review and test the analytical methods used presently and historically for nutrient-related water quality parameters to evaluate the accuracy and precision of results baseline water quality monitoring,

  3. Work with the University of Arkansas and other partners to harmonize datasets across state boundaries and develop shared protocols for future studies and monitoring programs, and

  4. Develop and support on-site repository for geospatial and water quality data


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